The South American Shamans, the “Laika Earthkeepers”, honor the spirit in all things and believe that all things have a spirit.

Each cardinal direction is represented by a specific archetypal character or energy expression and movement. The four directions make up the “Medicine Wheel” of life that creates renewal and growth – a way to map and understand your growth and healing.

We begin in the South direction with the archetype of the Serpent.

The Serpent represents the ability to shed the stories of our past, like a snake sheds her skin.

This process of empowerment begins with the movement of “Identification”, shedding what binds you – identifying and being able to step out of the victim role (or the enabler, bully or any other role) and then be able to grow from the experience without blame or constriction.

This process creates new clarity for your own story to begin.

Now you are ready to embark on the “Hero’s Journey”, whereby you are driven by the inner compass of your own destiny.

Here is where you need the power of fearlessness, in the direction of the West – the power of rebirth and renewal of your old ways and beliefs. The archetype that represents death and rebirth is the Jaguar.

Fear is the absence of love in the same way that darkness is the absence of light. Fear disconnects us from spirit, from nature and from our own inner selves. When we stand in courage we are able to see our inner self clearly including our shadow parts that we like to keep hidden.

This direction is about “differentiation” of the many parts of our self, both the dark shadow parts (that like to hide) and the qualities that are visible in the light that we show off. Holding both the light and the dark parts allow our sense of wholeness and power to grow.

The next direction is represented by the Hummingbird, the direction of the North, and the movement is “integration and transformation”. This is the step of integrating all aspects of our new self, not pushing away any parts. This direction represents the stillness of your soul that comes from this peace, allowing you to see your vision of what your soul wants, your new direction.

“Beginning to dream with your eyes wide open a world of grace and beauty.”

Here are a few of the practices of the North:

Beginners mind – becoming childlike, empty minded
Living consequently – taking responsibility for all of your actions
Transparency – full honestly, no more hiding
Integrity – true to your word and not misusing your words

The North is the direction where you can use visualization, the language of images and myths – the language of the soul, to help you stay on your journey and create your dream. Visualization is more powerful than using affirmations.

The East direction is represented by the Eagle.

Eagle is pure Spirit and perceives only beauty. The movement is “transcendance”.

Everything you experience is a projection of your inner landscape or dreams. For the Laika, the world is a screen that we project our movie onto.

So you never need to fix anything in the outer world – if you want to transform some circumstance that appears to be outside of yourself, you just own it and change it within! Once this transformation occurs inside there is an ease and clarity with the changes that need to happen in the outside world.

In Hummingbird we learn to transform our challenges and visualize our dreams, but in Eagle instead we release it to the universe (spirit) to take care.

The changes that we want to see in our lives and in the world, first have to happen within ourselves. This is how we begin to “transcend”.

Then we go around the wheel again, but this time things have shifted and WE are different.

Thank you to my teachers and the Laika lineage.

I found Shamanism when I started knowing that I wanted to go deeper in my growth and knew that there must be some ancient way of unearthing and healing parts of myself that used a process of returning to our roots of wholeness.

After 40 years of much deep healing work on myself, I knew there was something more, something magical.

Understanding the roots of how Nature heals, and the energetics of this type of healing, was my quest. I was drawn to Shamanism for its deep and ancient methods for healing. It has been the most transformational practice in my life, mostly for its roots in nature and energetics.


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