Earth Pulse Embodiment – #4

Earth Pulse Embodiment – #4

The Sky Pulse


We have arrived. This is where the magic happens.

The Central Channel or the Central Pulse is where we connect the power of the three centers with each other.  As we begin to deepen our relationship with each center, getting to feel each center’s expression as well as hearing its needs and tenderness we develop a bond of trust. A bond that allows us to go deeper through the energetic field into the spirit of each centers. This opens the door of spirit to the central pulse as well. The division between the physical body and the energetic and spirit body is a fine line. Having the intention to speak to the spirit or soul of our centers is what I am asking you to do.  The Earth Pulse, Heart Pulse, and Sky Pulse communicate with each other to blend into a Central Pulse drawing on the energy of all three to create an internal reservoir of immense power, compassion, wisdom — allowing you to experience a state of grace and peace. This grace and peace is because of the spirit connection that you have taped into.

When you are in your central channel/pulse you have the clarity brought from your true wisdom. This wisdom will lead you to your heart pulse for you to know the Right Love; then the right love will lead you to the Right Action confirmed by the Earth center/pulse. When we are in our Center Pulse we will be in the Right Wisdom, the Right Love and the Right Action. We are in “the flow” –which is what people call it when everything in your day is going smoothly and with ease.

Continue this practice for the week. As always, the most important part of this process is that you smile and have fun!  Here we go!

Meditation Music Channeled Expressly for Each Session by SoulSongHealing

~ About Earth Pulse Embodiment ~


There is a need in the world today to share some easy ways to ground, center and embody. These ways are simple and effective methods to bring more focus and vitality into your life. The practice will take only a few minutes a day. A practice that will add ways to lighten your stress load and re-discover the joy in your heart.

The dictionary writes “to embody: as “making visible”. The process of making what we feel and think visible to ourselves. To know thyself! 

What you will gain from this practice of guided meditation:

    • You will begin to notice that you are taking deeper breaths during the day — and that it is easier to breathe more deeply.
    • As your body learns to absorb the Earth Pulse Qi, you will begin to feel more energy & more strength physically.  Problems with fatigue will diminish.
    • As your brain & entire body receive more oxygen overall, you will experience many additional benefits.
    • You will find you have more clarity & focus mentally.  Memory will improve. It will be easier to evaluate what’s happening and make the right decisions.
    • You will feel more optimistic & hopeful.  Feelings of anxiety, worry, or being overwhelmed will fade away, and these will  be replaced with a peaceful acceptance, joy & thankfulness for the present moment — as you come to appreciate & actually feel the vitality and nourishment that you get with each & every breath.