Earth Pulse Embodiment – #2

Earth Pulse Embodiment – #2 The Heart Pulse   Throughout the ages, we are taught — and often experience! — our heart as the center of love & tenderness, compassion & kindness — all the qualities that define our humanity.  … Read More

Earth Pulse Embodiment – #5

Earth Pulse Embodiment – #5 Solar Plexus Power   This final exercise shows you how to use your Solar Plexus to add power, confidence, and balance to your three Pulses (Earth, Heart & Sky).  Long held by countless traditions to … Read More

Anger & Healthy Boundaries

MISSING OUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS -our hearts empty As we breathe into the space inside we soften -we pause with a note of care and support for ourselves and the world beyond With clear boundaries for our peace and health … Read More

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