Stepping Into Autumn

The season is changing Monday the 23rd, the Autumnal Equinox.   How can I have the best Autumn ever? We have just finished enjoying our Harvest and now it is time to clear out any remaining obstacles that are in … Read More

Follow Your Innate Rhythms!

Introducing Your Circadian Rhythms How to create a simple daily plan to support your own natural rhythms creating balance for your: Optimal body weight (without dieting) Routine deep sleep cycle (without medications) High energy naturally Balanced metabolism Exercise timing that … Read More

Sleep Is The Secret To Health

  Insomnia is a pathology that affects 32 million people in the United States. That means 32 million people are at a greater risk of hypertension, obesity, depression, heart attack and stroke – because insomnia can lead to all of … Read More

Honoring new beginnings with Spring.

One week into spring! With an exuberance of energy brewing inside to begin again, all the dreams that we have been savoring and feeding for the winter months are now ready for fruition. Though there is a pause in these … Read More

The Magic of Winter

Diving into the depths of our quiet restorative times of reflection and nourishment is at its peak now. These winter months represent the element of Water: 1. Has to do with the feeding of our deep waters, both in nourishment … Read More

The Winter Cycle

Winter is for us – as it is for all of nature – a time to take a pause for reflection and restoration: meditation, self-reflection, time in nature, focusing on soul-enriching projects, and the building and storing of our vitality. … Read More

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