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Follow Your Innate Rhythms!

Introducing Your Circadian Rhythms How to create a simple daily plan to support your own natural rhythms creating balance for your: Optimal body weight (without dieting) Routine deep sleep cycle (without medications) High energy naturally Balanced metabolism Exercise timing that … Read More

The Magic of Winter

Diving into the depths of our quiet restorative times of reflection and nourishment is at its peak now. These winter months represent the element of Water: 1. Has to do with the feeding of our deep waters, both in nourishment … Read More

The Winter Cycle

Winter is for us – as it is for all of nature – a time to take a pause for reflection and restoration: meditation, self-reflection, time in nature, focusing on soul-enriching projects, and the building and storing of our vitality. … Read More

Munay–Ki Rites

This is a topic that is very exciting for me to share with you. So what is the Munay–Ki? The Munay–Ki are the nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power. These rites are common to … Read More

Caring For Pachamama

I will be talking today about another one of my passions: caring for Pachamama, Mother Earth! There are many things we can do to care for the Earth, but this one is fun and easy – avoid buying and using … Read More

Creating Sacred Space

My first blog post… fun. Let’s start with creating sacred space. As I write this I have created sacred space around myself. We set up this space when we are entering into ceremony, doing healing work and sitting at our … Read More